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You may purchase DVDs and CDs of sermons from Past Conferences and other events from our website. Below are the sermons we have available at this time. Just type the Preacher's Name or Sermon Title in the space on the right side of this page and hit "Add to Cart." Afterwards, just follow Pay Pal's instructions. If you would like to make a donation to the conference, simply click donate, then follow Pay Pal's instructions. Any contribution or donation goes to support Conference expenses and is appreciated.


Individual CD Sermons are $5.00 plus shipping.


If you want DVDs from the 2011 or 2012 Conference you must go to


With any purchase we will send you a copy of Dr. E.V. Hill's sermon: "The Lord Giveth" ABSOLUTELY FREE


Individual DVD Sermons from 2010 are $7.00 plus shipping.

The entire 2010 DVD set is only $45.00.


DVD Sermons:


“The Closer You Get, The Smaller You Look”

Bro. Scotty Rayburn

“Down For The Count”

Bro. Dexter Trusdale


“Passion About Doctrine”

Dr. Aaron Parker


“They Need Not Depart, Give Ye Them To Eat”

Bro. John Mills


“The Rose Of Sharon”

Dr. Kara Blackard


“Reviving The Passion Of Preaching”

Bro. Lynn Martin


“The Danger Of Disqualification”

Bro. Chris Wells



“If His Preachers Will Preach”

(A portion of a sermon entitled “Yes, If”)

A Tribute To

Bro. Donnie Boutwell:

Preached only weeks before he went to Heaven


 Bro. Donnie Boutwell

Last Videoed Sermon

Nararated by:

Bro. Josh Spiers


“Why The Devil Hates The Word Of God”

Bro. Tim Parker


“Assembly Is Required”

Bro. Kyle Phillips


“The Call”

Bro. Rhett Williams


“You Can’t Hide In The Shadows”

Bro. Chase Elkins


"Passionate Preaching"

Bro. Rick Clark


CD Sermons:


"The Passion Of Preaching On Missions"

Dr. Aaron Parker


"The Bridegroom Wooing The Bride"

Bro. Ray Blanchard


"Questions For Experienced Pastors 1"

Bro. Ray Blanchard, Bro. Dexter Trusedale, Bro. Dewitt Bain


"Questions For Experienced Pastors 2"

Bro. Jimmy Johnson, Bro. Tim Parker, Dr. Aaron Parker, Dr. Dennis Deese


"The Angel Of The Lord"

Bro. Josh Spiers


"Life Blood of Christianity"

Bro. Dexter Trusedale


"Burned Out But Not Up"

Bro. Jimmy Johnson


Preacher Call From The Floor:

"Feed The Lambs"--Bro. Fred Mills

"Prepared Service"--Bro. Don Hilbun

"I Do All Things Through Christ"--Bro. Lynn Havard

"A Burden And A Passion"--Bro. Ray Matthews


"Giving Our Oil To The Lord"

Bro. Dewitt Bain


"Did I Mention That I Love Him"

Bro. Coy Rice


"Walk In The Spirit"

Bro. Jerry Chaddick


"Class On Revival"

Bro. Dexter Trusedale


"Spiritual Storms"

Bro. Tim Parker


"Faith Vs. Temptation"

Bro. David Ruffin


"From The Tomb To The Table"

Bro. John Mills


"Keep Not Silent"

Bro. Caleb Martin


"Why I Can't Quit, And Why You Shouldn't Either"

Dr. Dennis Deese